Chairman's Desk

Mr. Surjendu Bikash Kar, Chairman - Kar Group of Companies

I am delighted to present you KGC, as a group engaged in the business of animal feeds, poultry, hatchery and food processing, that had unleashed a plethora of new initiatives since 1984. For realizing stronger growth than the market and exceeding customer’s expectation with superior quality of animal feeds and nutritious processed food for the consumers, the group has essentially acted with reference to the company’s mission, vision, values and code of business principles.

Compromised quality, higher volumes, profitable growth, well-timed expansions, these are just few of the words that describe the journey of Kar Group since the very day of its inception. Our goal is dedicated to continuously scale heights in the field of processed food and animal feeds and its chain of sub-products through research and development and serve the society better in the future through commercial production following proper business ethics.

Our focus is on specific growth opportunities, like:

  • Redefining the market boundaries
  • Moving the decision making process closer to the market & customers through empowerment
  • Addressing & responding to the needs of the market faster and in time
  • Working closely with customers to understand the need gaps in a better and intimate way
  • Developing trust & confidence of all our distributors, dealers, retailers and employees in Kar Group and by making them our valued partners.
  • Helping them to help us in winning market share

Our corporate identity has been built on the strength of our commitment to robust business ethics and we are happy to be recognized for leaving a positive imprint through all our business ventures and also in reinforcing bonds that transcend business.