Vision & Mission

KGC is one of India’s promising multi-business group with robust portfolio of traditional and greenfield businesses encompassing Hotels, Restaurants, Poultry Feeds, Layer Feeds, Fish feeds, Cattle Feeds. This diversified presence in the businesses of tomorrow is powered by a strategy to pursue multiple drivers of growth based on its proven competencies, enterprise strengths and strong synergies between its businesses.

Kar Group of Companies, formerly known as Kar Enterprise, started journey with Poultry business in 1984. Within short period KGC entered into manufacturing of Animal Feeds, Hatching Eggs, and Chanachur (FMCG Arm).

Our Vision

Kar group shall be a dependable agribusiness house focused on profitable , progressive , eco-friendly and sustainable production of animal feeds which will satisfy the requirement of farmers based at every nook and corner of India as well as neighboring countries.

Mission Statement

Creating an environment where feel good factor is at its best. Sustainable growth among all stakeholders within this environment — that’s what Kar Group is striving for.

KGC shall be a respected and responsible group for growing India. KGC prefers to adopt new technologies which will lead to higher profits to our end-users. KGC shall always remain vigilant towards growth and prosperity of all its stakeholders.