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Feeds Business

Feeds play a crucial role in the health and productivity of livestock and aquaculture. Different animals require different types of feeds, which are formulated to meet their specific nutritional needs. Some of the most common types of feeds include poultry feed, cattle feed, and fish feed.

Hotel Business

The hotel business is an extremely competitive industry that requires a high level of dedication and attention to detail. As travelers continue to demand higher levels of service, the importance of providing top-quality accommodations and amenities has become increasingly important.

Dairy Business

The dairy and food business is a critical industry that provides essential food products to millions of people worldwide. As people become increasingly health-conscious, they are more concerned about the quality and source of their food products. This is where Kep Dairy & Foods PVT.LTD comes in.

Chicken Counter Business

The chicken shop business is a highly competitive industry, with countless stores vying for the attention of consumers. It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to stand out in this crowded market, and that's exactly what Tasty Chicken and Royal Chicken have managed to do.

KGC is one of India’s promising multi-business group with robust portfolio of traditional and greenfield businesses.

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